13th anniversary menu 30.9.-2.11.19

— Starter —
Nili’s blini with main accompaniment of your choice:
Seaweed caviar
Juniper salted salmon from Arctic Ocean
Roast of reindeer fawn
(All blinis are served with pearl onion, red onion and cranberry compote,
whipped sour cream and pickled cucumber.)

— In between —
Light parsnip cream soup and rye with parsley salt

— Main courses —
In tomato sauce stewed seitan with caulifl ower patty
From deep waters
Whitefi sh fi llet from Lake Inari, autumn barlotto,
pan-fried carrots and blonde butter sauce with smoked mussels
Fell reindeer from Lapland’s arm
Tender braised chuck of reindeer fawn from Enontekiö,
roasted Puikula potatoes, and ennobled cream sauce

— Dessert —
Naarmankaira’s iced cranberries
and hot caramel with salty licorice

45 €

— Kitunen’s bear from Inari —
Wooden kuksa mug fi lled with tender braised steak
of bear and its braising stock
15 €

Wine package
12 cl Sepia Reserva, Vistamar,
Casablanca Valley, Chile
100% Sauvignon Blanc
12 cl Sepia Reserva, Vistamar,
Casablanca Valley, Chile
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
6 cl Finca Antiqua Moscatel Dulce

Lappish berry juice +
shot of sea buckthorn,
coff ee or tea
13 €

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