15th anniversary menu 17.9.-5.11.21

— Starter —
Nili style skagen
Roasted Malax loaf, parsley pesto, herb salad and Black label Emmental flakes

Choose filling

Vegan roe paste and asparagus mayonnaise (L)

Cold smoked pike mousse and seaweed caviar (L)

Tender braised Kemijärvi bear in sour cream and root vegetable chips (L)

— Entrement —
Autumn harvest (L,G) 
Velvety beetroot cream soup with Peltola blue cheese

— Main courses —
Magic of the forest (L)
Spruce shoot waffle, in sour cream stewed porcini mushrooms and seitan
Whitefish from Sea Lapland (L)
Tornio whitefish crumbed with flat bread, roasted Lappish puikula potatoes, crab sauce, and forest mushroom foam
Reindeer tower (L,G)
Reindeer tournedos wrapped in pork belly, nettle potato rösti, root vegetables, dark rosemary sauce, and blackcurrant gelée

— Dessert —
Cloudberry bog (L,G)
Cloudberry crème brûlée, rasberry sorbet, and cranberry honey

39 € / person

— Complement your meal with Lappish speciality —
Willow Grouse Kuksa (L,G)
Overcooked Keskitalo`s willow grouse in creamy game stock
15 €

Wine package
Three glasses of wine suitable for the whole menu

Three glasses of drinks suitable for the whole menu
18 €

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