16th anniversary menu 16.9.-5.11.22

— Starter —

In clarified butter fried small Lappish pancake with accompaniment of your choice

-Seaweed caviar (L)

-Blueberryand gin graved salmon from Arctic Ocean (L)

-Sruce shoot flavoured reindeer tartare (L)

The dishes are served with red onion, sour cream and pickles

— Entrement —

Velvety black salsify cappuccino with malt bread crumble (L)

— Main courses —

Autumn Harvest (L)
Fried funnel chanterelle, potato dumpllings in sage butter sauce, and black Emmental cheese
Salvelinus alpinus (L,G)
Arctic char, saffron cider foam, roasted Lapland puikula potato and grilled fennel
From elk hunting... (L,G)
Overnight braised elk entrecote, rosemary potato gratin, dark black currant sauce and honey vegetables

— Dessert —

Nili`s dream (L)
Strawberry ice cream and rasberry sorbet eith meringue, salted caramel and cranberry syrup

42 € / person

— Complement your meal with Lappish speciality —
Bear kuksa 15 €
Tender bear roast in braising stock, served in a wooden kuksa cup

Wine package
Three glasses of wine suitable for the whole menu
29€ / person

Three glasses of drinks suitable for the whole menu
21 € / person