Nili´s Christmas Menu

8.Nov - 25.Dec 2022


Kammi Elf mulled wine 9,90 , non-alcoholic 7,90


From sweet and salty waters

Arctic Ocean salmon pastrami seasoned with horseardish, caper-pike terrine,
dill-potato pancake and saffron mayonnaise  L, G


Sirloin of Reindeer

Reindeer sirloin flavored with mustard honey, roasted puikula potatoes,
autumn root purée and porcini mushrooms sauce  L, G


Gingerbread and Pistachio

Gingerbread créme brulé and pistachio ice cream  L, G


59,00 / person

Winepackage for Christmas menu 29,00 / person

L=lactose-free, D=dairy-free, G=gluten-free


Prices (€) include VAT and group discount. Please inform us of any special dietary needs one week prior.
If the number of diners is reduced and the restaurant has not been informed of such with at least 24 hours’ notice before the event, the restaurant is entitled to charge the beforehand ordered services according to the number of participants last informed.