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We have switched to electronic handling of invoices (e-invoicing).  Please follow these instructions when issuing invoices.

If your company does not have possibility to use electronic invoices or send an invoice to the email invoicing address, kindly use the scanning service address for your paper invoices. We do not accept paper invoices to our visiting address. 

Please note that all of our billing addresses are for invoices only. Please send any other material, such as broschures, price lists, contracts and other documents to our postal address (Restaurant Nili, Valtakatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland).



Our billing addresses are:

Nams Oy, 2038565-7

1. Electronic invoices (Finnish suppliers only)
Electronic invoice address: FI8957803820186095
Operator: OP Yrityspankki (OKOYFIHH)

2. Reception of invoices via e-mail

Send your invoice as an e-mail attachment in PDF-format (max. 5 MB/email) to the following email address:
If the invoice contains several pages (for example attachments), they must all be included in the same PDF-file.

Several invoices (PDF-files) can be sent by one e-mail, but all the invoices need to be named by its individual name by using ordinary marks (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, no special marks). Max. size/ PDF-file, 210x 297mm. PDF-files can not be locked or sealed with the password.

Please note that the above mentioned email address goes to an invoice scanning central, which means that we do not have personal access to this email account. Therefore, any text in the email itself will not reach us at this address. Please note that all of our billing addresses are for invoices only.

3. Paper invoices
The invoice and the envelope must contain the following address data:
Nams Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Please use only black text colour and white paper, do not use staples.


Warmly welcome!